People Like YOU Volunteer!


Most shifts take one to two hours. Normally, your volunteer shift time will include two one-way trips: one from the rider’s home to a destination and one back to the rider’s home.

KARS volunteers use their own cars and gas to take care receivers to doctors or clinics, to go grocery shopping, to pick up prescriptions or to accomplish other transportation-dependent errands.

Volunteers choose the day, week and morning and/or afternoon preference.

All volunteers must carry their own personal automobile liability insurance, however KARS provides supplemental secondary insurance for volunteer drivers.

Average trips for Harris County residents are 3-8 miles per one way trip. Average trips for Fort Bend County residents are 6-12 miles per one way trip. No trip should be over 15 miles one way.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Katy Area Ride Service – KARS Becoming a KARS volunteer is easy; YOU determine when and how you will participate.
 A clean driving record.
 Proof of liability insurance.
 Must pass a background check.
 Age 21-78

For more information you can call KARS at (832) 773-8645 or email us at info@karskaty.org