How It Works

KARS connects riders to pre-screened, pre-designated community providers and KARS volun-teers allowing them to lead a more active lifestyle. With this new independence they are able to visit their doctor, clinic, enjoy social activities and more. If we can’t provide the ride, we will give appropriate referrals.

KARS uses taxicabs to augment the wonderful services provided by our volunteers in Harris County and special circumstances such as for appointments lasting several hours (for example, a dialysis treatment) or for very lengthy trips (for example, trips to the Houston Medical Center). For Harris County residents, this taxicab service is subsidized by grants through the Harris RIDES program. Unfortunately, this subsidy is not available for residents of Fort Bend or Waller county.

Volunteers provide rides west of Barker Cypress, south of Clay Road, east of FM 1463/Spring Green or north of FM 1093.

Harris County Riders are subsidized by an FTA Grant.
Harris Rides transportation funds are used as a match for the FTA Grant. These funds expire Dec 31 of each calendar year and unused transportation funds are non-refundable.

KARS tracks your trips and fares through QuickBooks. Statements available on request.


It Starts With Eligibility

KARS operates under an official 501(c)(3) that designates it as a non-emergency transportation, information and referral service for seniors, non-wheelchair disabled, and veterans who are in our designated service area. Riders must provide proof of eligibility.
  • Over 65 years of age (proof of age required);
  • If disabled and under age 65, certification letter from your physician);

You must also live within the KARS service area. Please see our map for details.


Step Two: Registration

Fort Bend County Residents

Rides for Fort Bend County residents are provided using KARS Volunteer Drivers. Rides are provided subject to driver availability and do not travel over 15 miles one way. Volunteer drivers are generally available Mon-Fri between 9:00 AM and 2:30 PM, excluding holidays.

Harris County Residents

To use the KARS service, you must be registered. Registration with multiple agencies is not permitted. Clients may contact KARS to fill out an eligibility form to participate. Once you are approved and registered, you are eligible to load funds that may be used with Harris County RIDES transportation provider or a KARS volunteer. Once you are officially registered, an electronic fare card to be used with the Harris County RIDES designated transportation partners will be mailed to you.

Call KARS to fill out an eligibility form – 832-773-8645.


You may also call to schedule an appointment to fill out your application. The evaluation/registration process takes three to four business days.
KARS phone might not be answered if the volunteer is driving a senior but will return your call.

1. Order your weekday rides through the KARS office during office hours between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM, Monday through Friday. 832.773.8645 Volunteer Driver Rides are generally not provided earlier than 9:00 AM or later than 3:00 PM. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays Taxi service is available 24/7. For After Hours, Weekends and Holidays, Taxi service is available.

KARS riders who are Harris County residents using a taxicab after hours, weekends or holidays, must have enough funds in your account or pay full fare.

KARS riders who are Fort Bend county residents using cab service must pay full fare.

2. Give your name, day and time of requested trip and a return phone number.

3. Ride requests should include complete destination address, including Suite or Building Number, Name of the office building or complex and the phone number of the destination.

4. Please give your appointment time. Give estimated end time of the appointment (this allows the drivers to plan the time needed for your trip).

5. Please note the timeframe within which your ride should arrive and be considered on time. This designated time frame is 45 minutes: no earlier than 15 minutes prior to and no later than 30 minutes after the scheduled (and agreed-on) pick-up time. Drivers are required to wait only 5 minutes after arrival within the designated pick-up window.

6. Try to give at least one day notice when canceling a ride. If you fail to take a scheduled ride when the vehicle arrives within the pick-up window, it is considered a no-show. You may have up to 2 verified no-shows in any 30-day period. A no-show may be charged to you if the driver is already in route.

Upon the third no-show in a 30-day period, a 30-day suspension from the program will follow. For all no-shows, an attempt to contact you will be made by the transportation provider’s dispatcher.

7. You may have up to 2 cancellations in any 30-day period. Upon the third cancellation in a 30-day period, a 30-day suspension from use of the program will follow. KARS reserves the right to remove customers from service who are found to be abusing the service by overbooking reservations.

8. If you plan to run an errand of more than 10 minutes, with more than two stops, and you would like KARS to wait, service must be arranged in advance. There is an additional cost for this service.

9. Be sure to prepay your rides through the KARS office. Drivers are not allowed to take cash, checks or any other form of payment including tips. If you wish to tip the driver, you may make a donation to KARS in the driver’s name. The gift will be put in the Medical Rider’s Fund to assist those unable to pay.

10. To add fare funds to your account, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you. You may either mail us a check for the amount you wish to add or you may go to our website and add funds with a credit card. Credit card funds must be a minimum $25.00.

Checks to be made out to KARS and mailed to: PO Box 1062, Katy, TX 77492-1062.

Please review the schedule below:


You may have up to 2 cancellations in any 30-day period. Upon the third cancellation in a 30-day period, a 30-day suspension from use of the program will follow. RIDES and KARS reserve the right to remove customers from service who are found to be abusing the service by overbooking reservations.