History of  KARS



In the Katy area, Metro only provides limited Park n Ride service west of Highway 6. Additionally, the county transit programs lack either enough providers or vehicles to meet the need nor do they cross county lines. In some cases a senior resident who is transportation dependent, lives in one county and can’t access his or her physician, therapist or others in an adjoining county. It’s a serious transportation challenge for our loved ones. KARS is the only transportation service provider that crosses all three county lines (Harris, Waller and Ft. Bend).

In the years since 1999, Katy residents have met with regional stakeholders such as Metro, Harris County, Fort Bend County, AARP, Red Cross, etc. to establish a comprehensive transit plan that addresses these problems. The result of this ongoing collaboration is the independent nonprofit Katy Area Ride Service (KARS).

Since 2013 KARS is the only Katy area non-profit offering alternative transportation for seniors (age 65+) and persons with non-wheelchair disabilities. The Katy area, the second fastest growing area in the nation, has over 28,000 Katy seniors, 5,000 live with adult children, and a third are transportation dependent. As of Dec 31 2015, KARS has driven 150 seniors on 6,000 trips and the requests grow daily.