Our service helps:

Families and friendships endure

Adults with children minimize absenteeism from work

Businesses employ systems that enhance profitability

Seniors begin a new chapter in their lives that reduces loneliness, depression and dependence on others, due to immobility.
Katy Area Ride Service (KARS) is  composed of community organizations, including public, private, non-profit, faith-based, families and individuals. Since 2009, KARS has been actively pursuing innovative solutions to enhance mobility for seniors and persons with disabilities in the Greater Katy Area.

The critical support KARS provides to these target groups is made possible through support and donations from organizations, families, individuals and a variety of funding sources associated with the transit industry. KARS envisions a Community Transportation Service Network that functions as  a patchwork quilt, covering the Greater Katy Area. Today there are nonfunctional voids in the fabric, critical areas where no transportation options exist. Also, because of limited resources and a lack of coordination, there are areas where the fabric is tattered and stretched. The goal is to fill these voids through enhanced coordination, and  by weaving together new and existing resources in ways that compliment the entire network.

Your support allows you to become an active participant in transforming the lives of those we care about the most.  Plus, contributing to  KARS, you can be assured that 100% of your gift goes to support affordable transportation for local Katy residents.

Take a stand against immobility that hampers the well-being of seniors and adult persons with disabilities. Become a member of KARS today!




Support Levels
Business/Church/Civic $250.00
Family $100.00
Individual $50.00